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Guesthouse Tsuyukusa is the first guest house in Okuhida Hirayu.
(Okuhida is useful to Kamikochi and Norikura tourism and Okuhida touring.)
This guest house is a traditional warehouse of Hida. This type of building is called “Itagura”.
It was built more than 100 years ago.





1階は、どなたでも入館無料の、館主、中林千春の 奥飛騨魅力を伝える写真ギャラリー



Ping-pong table and a coin laundry, kitchen, toilet, a photo gallery are located on the first floor.
The photos of the gallery that were taken by Chiharu Nakabayashi who is the owner of Tsuyukusa can tell us the charm of Okuhida. Anyone can watch the photos in the photo gallery for free .











There is an accommodation room on the second floor . The capacity of the room is for 7 people in the breadth of 15.5 tatamis room (24㎡). (Room without meals only)This guest house is available for anyone who can keep the promises of the rules.
Room fee is 3,700 yen by per night per person.
Chartered by group or family is also possible. In addition, you can use Guesthouse Tsuyukusa for the condominium and Onsen cure. A price in the case of the charter is 20,000 yen per day. Capacity is up to 7 people. (Room fee pay in advance, thank you.)



■宿泊・利用料金 ※定員7名Room fee ※Up to 7 people

利用形態Type 料金(税込)Room fee 備考Remarks
1泊1名素泊まり 3,300円

別途 冬季暖房料300円

Per night per person, no meals 3,300 yen Futon, yukata, kitchen and coffee machine use.
(In winter, heating fee 300 yen per night per person)

団体貸切利用(1泊)2階寝室のみ 20,000円 7名まで(家族・グループ利用可)
Chartered, only second floor
(Per night, no meals)
20,000 yen Up to 7 people
(Chartered by group or family is also available .)
※写真館拝観卓球利用のみ 無料
Only Watching the photos of the gallery and playing ping-pong Free


■チェックイン    15:00 € ~ € 17:00Check in

■チェックアウト   ~ 9:00Check out

■チェックイン受付    道路向い 旅荘つゆくさ までCheck-in reception Reception of Tsuyukusa on the road opposite

■レンタル・施設利用料Rental and facility usage fee

項目Item 料金(税込)Fee 備考Remarks
コインランドリー 300円 4.5kg まで
Washing machine 300 yen Up to 4.5kg
乾燥機 100円 30分あたり
Dryer 100 yen Per 30 minutes
卓球台 無料 利用時間10:00~20:00(30分交代でお願いします。)
Ping-pong table Free Available time/10:00~20:00 (Please change in 30 minutes)
風呂 無料 徒歩1分 つゆくさ本館利用
Onsen Free One minute on foot
The facilities of main building available
屋内バイク車庫 無料 地面は固い砂利です。先着5台まで
Indoor bike garage Free The ground is hard gravel. First arrival up to 5.
WiFi 無料 パスワード有り
Free Password is set





■利用上の注意事項Precautions for use



  • ホテルや旅館・民宿とは、違いサービスは、一切ありません。
  • サービスを受けたい方は、ご近隣の旅館、ホテルをご利用ください。
  • 苦情、要望は、一切受け付けません。
  • チェックインが17:00を過ぎる場合は必ず連絡ください。
  • 門限は、21:00となっておりますので、ご注意ください。
  • 21:00以降のバイクの移動はご遠慮ください。
  • 民宿宿泊者・近隣住民の迷惑となりますので、
  • 長時間のアイドリング・空ぶかしは絶対におやめください。
  • 消灯は23:00とします。23:00以降は1階・2階ともにお静かにお願いいたします。
  • 2階客室の無断利用・無断連泊は禁止します。
  • 連泊をご希望される方は初日に必ずお申し出ください。
  • 利用中に出たごみは、分別して捨ててください。
  • ごみの持ち込みは、禁止いたします。
  • 施設内は禁煙です。喫煙は屋外でお願いします。
  • 火災の原因となる行為も禁止です。



※Please be sure to read the following.

This guest house is available for people who can keep the rules.

  • We do not have the same services as such as inns and hotels.
  • If you are interested in such services, please use the other inns and hotels.
  • We do not accept any complaints and requests.
  • Please call us if your check-in time is later than 17:00.
  • Curfew is 21:00. Please note.
  • Please do not move the bike after 21:00.
  • Long time idling is not allowed. It becomes annoying of other hotel guest and neighboring residents.
  • Lights‐out time is 23:00. After 23:00, please be quiet.
  • Unauthorized use and unauthorized nights of the second floor rooms is prohibited.
  • Please offer on the first day if you want to consecutive nights.
  • Please discard by sorting the trash.
  • Bringing trash is not allowed.
  • In the building is non smoking.
  • Please smoking on the outdoor when you want to smoke.
  • The acts of causing the fire are not allowed.

Please note that the trouble with other users and neighborhood inhabitants are not responsible to us.




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